Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Jellycat: More New Designs for 2015
These are the fabulous Mattie Monkey and Ditsie Dog

This is the gorgeous Jellycat Mattie Monkey, new for Spring 2015, with his super soft, mottled brown, fur body, long tail, light brown face, hands and feet and a big smile giving him an irresistible cute look, he is sure to become an all time Jellycat favourite.

Mattie Monkey
Available in Two Sizes:
Large 63cm (25ins): £35.95
Medium 42cm (16.5ins): £17.95

That's over 10% OFF RRP!

This is Jellycat Ditsie Dog, new for Spring 2015, he is a really interesting design, coming with very long elongated legs, a Dalmatian print body, different coloured ears, short tail and cute, loveable looks. This will, without doubt, be a real favourite with lovers of everything quirky.

Ditsie Dog
Available in One Size:
Size: 52cm (20.5ins): £15.95

That's over 10% OFF RRP!

If you would like to take a look at the ENTIRE Jellycat catalogue simply follow this link to our Jellycat Homepage or take a look at our Jellycat Spring 2015 page to see the latest designs.

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