Thursday, 18 February 2021

Jellycat Best Designs from Spring 2021 Catalogue

The new Jellycat Spring collection has arrived and these are our favourites so far.
These are the wonderful Jellycat Boiled Eggs, starring Confused, Laughing, Sorry and Cheeky.
We are currently the best price online for all of them.
Size: 14 x 8cm
Suitable from birth
Price £9.45

We thought that this fabulous Jellycat Aloe Vera would just brighten up anyones room, office or kitchen.
Coming with dark brown cordy booties, velvety green aloe leaves, a suedey neutral pot and fluffy cocoa brown soil and that warming smile.
You must know someone who would adore this as a gift! We think it's amazing.
Size: 45 x 14cm
Recommended for 12 Months +
Price £45.45

We absolutely adored this little Jellycat Bashful Pug, if you don't like this there's something wrong.
This cute little canine comes with a super soft beige body, slate grey muzzle, half cocked ears and the most adorable looks, you just have to smile.
Size: 31cm
Suitable from birth
Price £17.75

And we were really taken by these, a really novel idea, and typically Jellycat.
These little Jellycat Irresistible Ice Creams come with rich fur bodies, cheery grins and fawn brown stitched cones, simply superb!
Size: 18 x 8cm
Suitable from birth
Price £9.75

Back to the more conventional, we also loved the new Jellycat Charley Cheetah, which is available in two sizes.
Charley comes with super soft yellow-tan fur covered in dark and mid brown spots, bright amber eyes, a long chunky tail, cupped ears and cute expression.
Sizes: Large 46 x 14cm and Small 29 x 8cm
Small size suitable from birth
Prices: Large £52.45 and Little £23.45

For all of the cheese fans, including ourselves, we thought that Jellycat's Amuseable Brie was outstanding.
Coming with a cute cheesy grin, golden yellow soft centre and dazzling white cordy rind, and walnut brown booties, plus the happy little smiley face, simply charming!
Size: 9 x 22cm
Suitable from birth
Price £16.95

There were Gecko's including Jellycat Gorka Gecko.
Coming with textured teal fur, a beige tummy and a springy, curly tail plus the classic Gecko bobble eyes!
Size: 15 x 36cm
Suitable from birth
Price £21.45

Even the Rhinoceros makes the list, probably the best soft toy Rhino that we have ever seen!
Jellycat Rumpa Rhino comes with that wonderful double horn, super soft blue-grey fur and smiley features.
Size: 30 x 15cm
Suitable from birth
Price £22.75

We didn't think that the little Jellycat Birdlings were going to be very popular but they are so much nicer 'in the flesh', tactile and extremely cute.
The only one that doesn't actually resemble the bird, is the wren, which is Britains smallest and most delicate little bird but apart from that they are quite stunning.
Sizes: 10 x 7cm
Suitable from birth
Prices: £9.75

We all decided that the new Jellycat Whispit Lemur needed putting in, simply because it is so cute and has that wonderful astonished expression.
It comes with a striking black and cream face, matching long stripy tail, a rotund cocoa brown tummy and bright amber eyes.
As an aside did you know that besides humans, lemurs are the only primates that can have blue eyes and that they have two tongues!
Couldn't resist putting that in!
Size: 26 x 10cm
Suitable from birth
Price £18.45

It comes with the brand new Jellycat Whispit Panda Coming with the characteristic Panda colouration and features including the classic black panda eye and half-moon ears, simply gorgeous!
Size: 26 x 10cm
Suitable from birth
Price £18.45

And lastly we really liked the new Jellycat Amuseable Lime This rather lovely lime comes with a cute cordy stalk with sprouting leaves, accessorised with cordy caramel booties.
Size: 15 x 22cm
Suitable from birth
Price £17.75

We try to always be the best price online for all Jellycat designs. Currently, we are the best price for all of these fantastic designs.
We still offer free UK mainland delivery on all orders over £20.
We have bee told by Jellycat that it would be a good idea to include this dialogue to cover the present Covid and Brexit situation:
All expected dates are a guideline. Nothing can be guaranteed. Short notice delays are highly likely.
Let's hope that things can start to return to some form of reality in the near future, fingers tightly crossed!
Please keep looking on the Jellycat site for more great offers, we will be announcing some specials a little later!

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Monday, 12 October 2020

Jellycat Monsters

Well, this is a tad different, not what you would normally associate with Jellycat.
But if you look closely you will see the characteristic Jellycat smile, use of colour and quality materials.
So let's introduce the Jellycat Monsters.
Firstly comes Luda Monster
Coming with a super soft dark blue fur body, a spectacular lion- style mane, matching tail and a huge smiley face.
Destined to be your very best friend, surely this isn't monster material, it's more like a happy gremlin!
Size: 44 x 14 cm
Price: £22.75

Secondly comes Jellycat Yani Yeti
The Yeti or Abominable Snowman is a folkloric ape-like creature taller than an average human, that is said to inhabit the Himalayan mountains.
Yetis are an example of cryptozoology - the search for animals whose existence is disputed.
Luckily for you this one is only 28 x 11 cm!
Size: 28 x 11 cm
Price: £31.65

Thirdly comes Jellycat Gibbles Monster
Coming with a super soft wine coloured fur body, a spectacular lion- style mane, matching tail and a huge smiley face.
Destined to be your very best friend or terrifying!
Size: 42 x 15 cm
Price: £22.75

And lastly comes Jellycat Bo Bigfoot
This is like Marmite, you will either love it or hate it.
Bigfoot or Sasquatch is depicted in American folklore as being a hairy, upright-walking, ape- like creature dwelling in the wilderness that leaves giant, human-like footprints!
Don't worry this one is super soft and friendly.
Size: 32 x 15 cm
Price: £34.95

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Saturday, 10 October 2020

Jellycat Christmas Amuseables

Here are the best of the Jellycat Christmas Amuseables!
This year has been extra special.

Just look at this little classic, it's the Jellycat Amuseable Yule Log.
Traditionally a 'yule log' is a dessert served near Christmas.
It is made of sponge cake, frosted with chocolate buttercream to look like tree bark and festooned with decorations.
This little beauty is made from fabrics and has the added cuteness of a smiley face and little cordy roy feet, a real festive treat that can be around all year!
Size: 13 x 21 cm
Suitable From Birth
Price £17.95

Next is the adorable Jellycat Amuseable Wreath
Coming with a ruffled dark green ring body adorned with three little red holly berry placements and a sumptuous red bow.
The lovely smiley face and little brown cordy roy legs make this an absolute must for any self respecting front door!
Size: 35 x 32 cm
Suitable From Birth
Price £39.95

No festive period is complete without Jellycat Amuseable Christmas Pudding
The perfect compliment for any festive feast, this gorgeous Christmas Pudding will put a smile on everyone's face!
Coming with a broad smile, shiny eyes, two-tone fruitcake fur, a white icing top and finished with a sprig of festive cordy holly!
Size: 14 cm
Suitable From Birth
Price £16.85

And the perfect compliment to the Christmas pudding is the re-released Jellycat Amuseable Brussels Sprout
Coming with layers of glittery jersey, beautiful detail and delicate brown cordy boots, this sparky sprout will bring a smile to everyone's face!
Interestingly Britons eat more Brussels sprouts than anyone else in Europe although they derive their name from Brussels, Belgium where they were first cultivated!
Size: 14 x 9 cm
Suitable From Birth
Price £16.75

Although these can be eaten anytime there is still a strong tradition for having them at Christmas, maybe with a small glass of mulled wine? Yes it's the Jellycat Amuseable Mince Pie
Coming with a soft fawn, pastry style body, a fluffy dark brown mince filling topped with a crusty star.
This wonderfully cute little pie is finished with a happy smiling face and brown cordy roy legs sure to be a true megastar and probably the best fabric mince pie ever made!
Size: 8 x 13 cm
Suitable From Birth
Price £14.95

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Friday, 9 October 2020

Jellycat Christmas 2020 Designs

Here are some of the best selling Jellycat Christmas 2020 Designs, starting with the spectacular Jellycat Snow Dragon:
Coming with a super soft cream coloured fur body and classic dragon features including the subtle 'earth toned' wings, ears, tail tip and soft back spikes, how can you resist that look, this is probably the best dragon ever made!
Super cute and not a trace of fire!

Price: £43.65

There are the Jellycat Yule designs including Jellycat Yule Santa
This is so Scandinavian, so much so that you could feasibly have him around all year!
Coming with that long shaggy white beard, long pointed hat, classic deep red coat, cream fur edged and a lovely quizzical look, laced with extemporization!
Price: £24.95

The there is the delightful Jellycat Yule Penguin coming with a long pointed navy hat and matching ruffle, brown arms and body, a plump cream tummy - the fishing has obviously been pretty good!
This is so cute that you could leave Yule Penguin out all year round!
Price: £18.95

And lastly, there is Jellycat Yule Snowman
Coming with a long pointed burgundy hat and matching ruffle, beige arms, a soft white body, carrot style nose and a delightful navy waistcoat.
There is a lovely 'You don't say' expression, simply wonderful!
Price: £18.95

Next really has to be the sublime Jellycat Sugar Plum Fairy Mouse.
Coming with a soft cream coloured fur body, delicate pink button nose, classic mouse ears sporting a holly decoration.
Dressed in a sumptuous burgundy dress complete with green midriff ruffle plus resplendent gold fairy wings and matching gold shoes!

Price: £24.95

And Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without Jellycat Leffy Elf.
Probably the best elf ever made, Leffy has become a Christmas classic.
Coming with glowing cheeks and quintessential pointed elf ears, bright red boots, socks, mittens and hat that go nicely with the subtle green jacket delicately trimmed with white fur and the gold stitched buttons.
This little elf is the perfect compliment for Christmas, available in three sizes!

Really Big.... (76 x 30 cm) £73.75
Large............ (48 x 15 cm) £37.75
Medium........ (32 x 10 cm) £19.75

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Thursday, 23 January 2020

Huge Jellycat January Sale

We are having a fabulous 'Jellycat January Sale' and we have put a great selection of super deals onto our Facebook 'shop now' page.
These include the massive savings on Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny Very Big

RRP: £158.00
Our Price: £119.95 with FREE Tracked 48 Delivery to the UK Mainland

All of the adorable Jellycat Bonbons have been slashed to a mere £11.15 from £14.00!

The delightful Jellycat Jolie Bunny, Kitten and Mouse have been slashed from £25.00 each to a mere £19.95

The super popular Jellycat Starry-Eyed Bunny, Kitten and Unicorn have also been slashed from £19.00 to a mere £14.95

The Big Cats have also been slashed with Sacha Snow Tiger Really Big being reduced from £150.00 to a remarkable £118.95

Even the ever popular Jellycat Amuseable range has bees discounted, this is just too good to be true, so if you are a Jellycat fan and have any spare cash left after Christmas, this is the time to stock up, think how much you could save if you bought every bodies birthday and Christmas presents now!

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Thursday, 16 January 2020

New Jellycat Spring 2020

The new Jellycat Spring 2020 catalogue is now out and full of some utterly fabulous designs

Introducing the gorgeous Jellycat Arabesques
This is 'Arabesque Bunny Blush' by Jellycat.
Blush Bunny is practising hard for the big ballet!
This peachy poppet has the softest fur and a two-layer mesh tutu with satin waistband.
Point those paws, waggle those ears and spring out onto the stage!
Size: 20 cm (7.9 ins)
Price: £15.75

Introducing 'Arabesque Bunny Cream' by Jellycat.
Take Arabesque Bunny to dance class and you can learn ballet together!
Coming with a super soft cream fur body, extra long bunny ears, a delicate pink button nose and wearing a double tutu in soft white mesh.
Dance a duet with this gentle friend.
Size: 20 cm (7.9 ins)
Price: £15.75

To see the entire Jellycat catalogue please visit the Jellycat Homepage

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Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Jellycat Frogs, Toads and Amphibians

We have just created a new page just for Jellycat's increased frog, toad and amphibian designs.
These designs are all on the Jellycat Frog and Amphibian page.

Introducing 'Party Frog' by Jellycat.
Party Frog comes with a sage green fur body, classic bulging eyes and a large smiley face, he is wearing a pair of blue swimming shorts, you never know when you are going to need a good swim!
He has beans in his bottom so that he can sit and pose on the lily pads!

Jellycat Party Frog
Size: 21 cm
Price: £14.50

Introducing 'Fergus Frog' by Jellycat.
Fergus Frog is a thoughtful soul, and loves to chill out in his lovely big pond.
Mossy and mellow, this affable fellow has flopsy legs and holdable hands.
Dreamy and friendly, with velvety fur, Fergus is a firm friend for any little hopsters.

Jellycat Fergus Frog
Sizes: Medium: 33 cm and Small: 20 cm
Prices: £16.95 and £9.95

Introducing 'Geek Frog' by Jellycat.
Well, this is a bit different!
Looking like something from a sixties 'Tom & Jerry' cartoon.
Coming with a green flannel body, protruding eyes and a big smiley face, this certainly is very contemporary!

Jellycat Geek Frog
Size: 26 cm
Price: £15.95

Introducing 'Riverside Ramblers Frog' by Jellycat.
If you enjoyed 'Tales of the Riverbank' you will fall in love with these deigns.
Frog comes with typical green coloured fur but is dressed in a handsome flannel waistcoat, sporting a very dapper, striped neckerchief, charming!

Jellycat Riverside Ramblers Frog
Size: 33 cm
Price: £18.95

Introducing 'Tad Tree Frog' by Jellycat.
Coming with a soft green coloured body, large red eyes, a large stitched mouth and really cute looks, this is a perfect present for frog fans everywhere, one of Jellycat's best yet!

Jellycat Tad Tree Frog
Sizes: Medium: 19 cm and Small: 12 cm
Prices: £17.65 and £9.95

Introducing 'Toby Toad' by Jellycat.
Toads are Britain's largest and heaviest amphibians and Jellycat have, at last, designed a sumptuous one.
Coming with a bumpy, irregular fur body in muted orange and burnt orange splodges, plus the typical toad eyes, mouth and limbs and you have one super cool, super cute toad, everyone should have one!

Jellycat Toby Toad
Size: 317 cm
Price: £18.95

Introducing 'Nat Newt' by Jellycat.
At last Jellycat bring out a newt and this one is full of charm, character and super cute looks.
Newts are brightly coloured salamanders, making them amphibians, this one comes with a super soft beige coloured fur body, bright green protruding eyes and long tail, technically they have four fingers and five toes, but whose counting!

Jellycat Nat Newt
Sizes: Medium: 20 cm and Small: 14 cm
Prices: £17.35 and £10.35

To see the entire Jellycat catalogue please visit the Jellycat Homepage

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