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Jellycat Spring-Summer Collection 2024

This has been one of Jellycat 's best collections for quite a while! As you know, Jellycat release up to four new collections per year, a ' Spring Collection ', a ' Summer Collection ', a Autumn|Winter Collection and the Christmas Collection. This year we have also seen the '25th Anniversary Collection', 'Valentine's' and 'Jellycat Year of the Dragon'. So, as you can see, the design department at Jellycat has been working over-time. This new collection has some new Bag Charms and additions to existing designs, such as the Huddles Kangaroo and the Bashful Grey Kitty. BUT, there are some brand new designs that we think are gorgeous. Let's start with the sophisticated Jellycat Iris Siamese Cat . Iris Siamese Cat comes with super soft beige fur, with coca brown muzzle, ears, socks and a matching tail. Featuring the most gorgeous piercing blue eyes, this is the prettiest cat in town! A purrffect gift idea for cat lovers, or a gr

Jellycat Year of the Dragon

Jellycat Valentine's

Jellycat 25th Anniversary