Thursday, 18 November 2021

Jellycat Christmas 2021

Are you struggling to find the right Christmas present?

Perhaps your most recent Jellycat order has been delayed and you need a replacement idea for that all important gift?

Never fear, the Jellycat Christmas Collection is here!

We received our Christmas delivery earlier in the year, and hopefully made sure to order enough in to keep everyone satisfied!
Take a look below at everything you might desire this Christmas

Lets start off with some Christmas classics. These are fan favourites that return almost every year and bring a great seasonal vibe to your home.

The Amuesable Yule Log for £17.45.

This is a lovely soft toy that easily doubles up as a great decorative piece to spicen up your mantle this year. This truly is a beautiful item, and it's not hard to tell why they keep coming back!

The Amuseable Wreath comes with a ruffled dark green ring body adorned with three little red holly berry placements and a sumptuous red bow.
The lovely smiley face and little cordy roy legs make this an absolute must for any self respecting front door!

The Amuesable Wreath comes in sizes large and little, this could be a perfect office gift, or to hang on your own door at home!

Large - £38.95

Little - £28.95

Amuseable Mince Pie for £14.75

This wonderfully cute little pie is finished with a happy smiling face and brown cordy roy legs.
I know they say don't play with your food, but how could you not!

Did anything catch your eye above?

Well tempt you with the Jellycat Christmas 2021 Catalogue items then!

Don't forget to click on anything that you would like, to be taken directly to our more details page!

This gorgeous, super soft little reindeer comes in mid brown fur with a coffee cream tummy, dark chocolate brown antlers, matching button nose, alert upright ears and glossy brown eyes. The perfect Christmas cuddle buddy for any little person.

Remi Reindeer Medium - £28.65
Remi Reindeer Small - £18.65

Based on the Emperor Penguin, this gorgeous little penguin comes with tousled fur in charcoal and cream, a slightly stooped pose, glistening black eyes and a suedey mustard coloured beak and matching feet.
This is a great gift for any Penguin lover!

Wistful Penguin Medium - £23.95
Wistful Penguin Small - £13.95

This icy cool fellow comes with fluffy cream snow-like fur, brown cordy stick arms, a suedey carrot nose and a rich red bobble hat and scarf. With three stitched 'coal' buttons and a happy smiley face, it's certainly the real deal.

Large Teddy Snowman - £36.65
Medium Teddy Snowman - £21.65

Cocoa has a very traditional teddy bear look, the eyes are right and the fur is a gorgeous. Super soft wood brown with a very distinctive ripple. Absolutely beautiful!

Large Cocoa Bear - £37.45
Medium Cocoa Bear - £22.45

Still looking for that all elusive Jellycat gift? Okay - check these out!!

Can you imagine this Amuseable peeping out of a Christmas stocking? Coming in broad scarlet and cream candy twirls with the characteristic cordy brown legs and a friendly grin! The perfect novelty present for anyone with a sweet tooth

Candy Cane Large - £25.95
Candy Cane Little - £15.75

Coming with a soft white fur body and wings, delicate gold stitched wing veins and forewings, two little antennae and completed by a happy, smiley face. A beautiful small, intimate soft toy gift.

Glistening Winter Butterfly - £17.95

What makes Mitzi so distinguishing are the raised zig-zag fur patterns that cover the entire body, which stands on four sturdy legs. They've been so popular that we only have trhe large ones left! Grab whilst you still can!

Large Mitzi Reindeer - £40.65

This little Holly Leaf looks sharp, but is actually very soft, it comes with gorgeous green fur and a suedey stalk
Sporting a bobbly three berry bow-tie, embroidered with stitched details, and a happy smiley face, perfect for a cushion or back rest!

Woodland Holly Leaf - £20.95

Jellycat have brought out some amazing gifts this year, what has been your favourite item from the Jellycat 2021 Christmas Catalogue?

Let me leave you with a few new styles of my favourite arctic animal, the Polar Bear.

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Tuesday, 19 October 2021

Jellycat Bears

When someone talks about a soft toy, what animal comes into your mind?
For me, it has always been Bears. Grizzly or Polar, I certainly have no preference, they are all so beautiful and cuddly!

Jellycat have got their fair share of Soft Toy Bears and in this blog post, I am going to be providing you with a range of Bears for you to get your muzzle into!

If you see anything you like, please click on it to be taken to buy page!

The first Teddy Bear soft toy was invented in 1902 in Germany, by a seamstress named Margarete Steiff. It seems that almost at the same time, a story was unfolding that would cause Soft Toy Bears to explode with poluarity in the states.

Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt was out with a hunting party, hunting for Bear. The President failed to kill the bear he was hunting, so his hosts caught and tied up the bear and told the president to shoot it.

The President said, "Spare the bear! I will not shoot a tethered animal." The Washington Post then published a cartoon of the scene, which would play a huge part of the success of Stuffed Bears.

Theodore Roosevelt Teddy Cartoon
Replica of Steiff's Bear

Brooklyn Shopkeepers Morris Michtom and his wife Rose displayed the cartoon in their shop window, along with a stuffed Bear that they aptly named "Teddy's Bear" after their President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. And America went mad for them!

Due to the incredible popularity of the Bears, America could not make enough, and bought 3,000 from Margarete Steiff to keep with demand! The rest, they say, is history.

The popularity of Soft Toys has increased as time went on. Jellycat started trading in the late 90's and have created such a wonderful range of Bears of all shapes, sizes and designs!

The stuffed bear has come a long way since "Teddy's Bear". Although some do still opt for the original styled bear, the contempory soft toy design has turned much more towards the less realistic, more aesthetically pleasing style. 'Cuteness' and 'cuddle-ability' seem to be huge factors that make a good stuffed bear nowadays!

The most popular bear by far this year has been the Bartholomew Bear. This Bear has created quite a stir on social media, and it was supposedly used as a mascot for a 'Save The Bears' movement in the far east. We saw record numbers of pre-orders for this bear, it was certainly a struggle trying to keep up!

Bartholomew Bear from £14.45

Bartholomew comes in 3 different sizes. Medium, Large, and Huge! Huge has been the most popular size, but we've seen hundreds of orders for the Medium and Large too!

Jellycat Bartholomew Bear

Here are some bears that are coming back into stock over the next few weeks and months.
Perfect for that January birthday - or a belated Christmas?

Jellycat Bumbly Bear
Bumbly Bear From £14.75
Jellycat Rumpletum Bear
Rumpletum Bear - £30.65
Jellycat Edward Bear
Edward Bear From £12.65

Want to see more? Check out our Bear collection here!

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Thursday, 7 October 2021

The Best of Little Jellycat

Jellycat have many soft toys for you to peruse and enjoy, but are you aware that Jellycat also have countless Baby Toys too?
From Jitters and Activity Toys (shown below) to Playmats and soft, tactile books (and hardbacks!), Jellycat are sure to have the right gift for you!

Jitters have been very desirable. They create a strong vibration that pairs with a lovely harmonic bell that provides a great stimuli for your favourite fledgling. The adorable design bounces its way back up to its clip in a fashion that is sure to light up your childs face!
There are plenty to choose from, I have placed a few below for your convenience.

The Activity Toys are a wonderous delight for any young child. Bright colours and fun, tactile off-hangings are great for the developing young mind. I think they are just fantastic, I have sent a few to my friends new borns who absolutely love them!

Jellycat have created numerous soft play books that are ideal for young children.
The colourful, textured books create a great sensory experience that helps teach your young ones.
There are plenty of books to choose from, which one will you go for?

Looking for something different?
Jellycat have some lovely crockery designed for young children. These come in Melamine and Bamboo, and are child safe!
Check out some of the designs below!

Of course, a huge part of a young childs life is throwing things down themselves and the people around them! So why not treat them to a wonderfuly cute muslin, with their favourite animal on it!

Jellycat keep bringing out more designs, the some of the most recent additions below! Jellycat are so good at keeping their designs innovative, check out that Cordy Roy Baby Fox Activity Ball!

As you can see, Jellycat have you covered - from birth onwards! Muslins, Soft Activity Toys, Soothers and Soft Books all to help nurture your childs development!

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