Thursday, 12 May 2022

Jellycat Questions and Answers

What is the most popular Jellycat?
Over the last twenty years it is Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny that has been, without doubt, the most popular design.
It now comes in seven sizes including:
'Very Big' Beige Bunny - 108 cm high x 46 cm wide
'Really Big' Beige Bunny - 67 cm high x 31 cm wide
'Huge' Beige Bunny - 51 cm high x 21 cm wide
'Large' Beige Bunny - 36 cm high x 15 cm wide
'Medium' Beige Bunny - 31 cm high x 12 cm wide
'Small' Beige Bunny - 18 cm high x 9 cm wide
'Tiny' Beige Bunny - 13 cm high x 6 cm wide
Here is a picture of the entire Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny collection:
Is Google showing Jellycat search results in 'real time'?
Simple answer: NO
What does this mean?
It means that when you search for a Jellycat product on 'Google' or any other search engine, the results that you see on the left hand side (the organic links) are not, necessarily, up to date with 'price' and 'availability'.
This happens because Google cannot keep up with daily price changes caused by 'sales' and 'competition' or the daily change in stock levels created by high demand and unpredictable stock returns.
What this means for potential customers (like youself), is that you should no longer take any notice of the 'in stock' or 'out of stock' or 'price' labels that Google puts at the bottom of a search result.
They are sometimes correct but very often wrong!
For example, below you will see a section, taken from a Google search page for 'Jellycat Fabulous Fruit Cherry', clearly showing that we are 'Out of stock' of this item, BUT, we actually had 45 in stock at the time this was taken, Google had simply been unable to update in real time, it actually takes 1-5 days for these figures to update, and often by then, they are out of date again!
So, as a rule of thumb, always click through to the website and look for yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised!
Are Amazon and eBay the cheapest places to buy Jellycat?
Simple answer: NO
Jellycat has a policy of not trading with 'third party' sellers, so if you see a Jellycat item on sale here, it is either second hand, or has been bought from an existing retailer, and the price has been hiked to allow for a profit margin.
The image below is captured from the Amazon UK site offering Jellycat designs for sale.
The prices have been circled in red.
They show:
Jellycat Amuseable Boiled Egg - Small for £18.42 - Our Price £9.95 for the same size! (Jellycat RRP £12.50)
Jellycat Amuseable Avocado - Small for £23.40 - Our Price £11.45 for the same size! (Jellycat RRP £15.00)
Jellycat Bashful Dragon - Small for £20.99 - Our Price £10.95 for the same size! (Jellycat RRP £15.00)
Jellycat Amuseable Croissant - Small for £26.41 - Our Price £11.75 for the same size! (Jellycat RRP £15.50)
It is, of course, impossible to compete with Amazon's delivery service, it is simply remarkable, so Amazon certainly has it's place, but please do not make it your 'first port of call' because you could save £££'s by using a recognised Jellycat retailer.
Where are Jellycat toys made?
China, Indonesia, Cambodia and to a lesser degree Vietnam.
Originally all Jellycat designs were made in China, but because of the enormous growth of Jellycat in recent years, they have had to use multiple sites to try to keep up with demand.
They are still designed in the UK and are very much a British company. They strictly oversee production, making sure that they continue to meet the highest standards, using only the best quality fabrics.
These are the points of origin from Jellycat delivery boxes.
Are Jellycat toys safe for babies?
All Jellycat soft toys are tested for any age suitability. This means that unless the toy carries a specific safety recommendation or suitability message, a Jellycat toy is safe for all ages from birth to old, old age!
The two different labels are shown below, please make sure that you thoroughly read these labels and strictly abide by them!
Who is Jellycat owned by?
Thomas and William Gatacre
Unless you don't already know, Jellycat are a soft toys and gifts business co-founded by brothers Thomas and William Gatacre.
They launched their first range in 1999 and announced themselves as a 'soft toy creator with a difference'.
Over the last few years the company has reinvented the 'soft toy' market with unique, often quirky designs, using quality materials at realistic prices.
Currently there is no one else out there offering anything that compares, so the outlook is very promising, with Jellycat fast becoming the world leader in the soft toy market!

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Friday, 6 May 2022

Jellycat Sale

This week we launched the MASSIVE Fleurtations Jellycat Spring Sale!
Everything is reduced and you can save ££££'s
At the point of launch we were the best price on-line for EVERY Jellycat design and that really is saying something!
So if you would like to save lots of hard earned pounds this really is your chance.
To access the whole site simply use this link
Jellycat Homepage
which takes you to the Jellycat Homepage and use the extensive menu, clickable images or the 'search' bar.

Also, to keep you up to date, Jellycat have just released Jellycat Betty Corgi.
It has only been released to retailers around the London area and there are very limited numbers available.
However, the good news is that it will be generally released later this Summer, so there will be stock available.
If you'd like one please keep your eye on the site and our social media platforms to keep up to date
(the social links are listed at the foot of the page).

We have just come across 28 Jellycat Percy Penguin Soothers, they were buried in a box of Bashful Soothers!
As you probably know, they have been discontinued for quite a long time.
The good news is that we are still offering them in the sale (even though they are now collectors items).
So, if you have been looking desperately for a replacement, need a spare, or just love the design, this is your one-off chance to get one.
They are on sale for £16.95

We have also resurrected the 'Nev and Elma' stories, we had so much fun with them, and although Nev has 'mysteriously' vanished, Elma is still looking at life through the eyes of a prehistoric cavewoman and meeting lots of lovely, interesting Jellycats.
The first episode is available to watch on YouTube
Elma meets her dinosaur friends!
Use this link to discover the whole range of Jellycat Dinosaurs

We are still taking 'unboxing short films' to keep you up to date visually with what is constantly coming in, they are also great fun!
The latest one has been posted on YouTube along with lots of others.
Follow this link to see the full range of Jellycat Fabulous Fruit

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Wednesday, 13 April 2022

More Jellycat Soft Toy Videos

These are a collection of our latest Jellycat soft toy Videos.
This seems like a more interesting way to show you the products, instead of the nice, but rather boring, stock photos.
They give you a better idea of quality and size.
Our first video is a montage of Jellycat Dragons including the Sage Dragon, Rose Dragon, Onyx Dragon, Bashful, Fuddlewuddle and Lallagie Dragon.
If you are into Dragons you will hopefully love this.
We are currently out of stock of Snow Dragon, so we will be doing a seperate post when they come back into stock!

This video shows some of the adorable Jellycat Little Collection. They are so popular that they are never all in stock at the same time.
The collection currently includes Jellycat Little Fox, Bear, Polar Bear, Panda, Rooster, Unicorn, Pig, Frog, Bunny, Kitten, Pup and Lamb.Jellycat Littles.
They start at just £11.95
They make the perfect travel companions because they fit comfortably into your pocket.

This is a video of the Jellycat Rumpletum soft toys, brand new for 2022.
They consist of Jellycat Rumpletum Bear, Dino, Elephant, Lion and Unicorn.Jellycat Rumpletums
Rumpletums have an almost baggy appearance, coming with short cropped soft fur and really expressive features, the bear is our favourite!

This video features all three sizes of Jellycat Montgomery Panda soft toy. Coming in huge, large and medium, this is without doubt, one of the best pandas ever made by Jellycat! Jellycat Montgomery Panda
Montgomery has a super soft, tubby body, with the classic panda colouration, including those inquisitive glossy eyes peering out from the black eye patches. The fur appears to 'sparkle' as you move him around, very unusual!

This is a fast speed video of the Fleurtations Jellycat Amuseables stand being revamped! Jellycat Amuseables
Featuring lots of Jellycat's all time favourite Amuseable designs including the classic Boiled Eggs, Clouds, Watermelons, Avocados, Cactus, Bonsai plus some Silly Succulents and Fleury designs.

This is a video of the gorgeous new for 2022 Jellycat Ribbles
They include Jellycat Ribble Dog, Elephant and Giraffe.
They are very reminiscent of the original Cordy Roy range, having the same textured corduroy fur, but these have longer limbs with weighted ends and hooded eyes.
This Giraffe comes in mustard yellow fur with a short tail, cute horizontal ears, a caramel mane and delicate ossicones
Jellycat Ribble Giraffe
The elephant comes in mid-grey fur with a curved tail, long droopy elly ears and a long curly trunk Jellycat Ribble Elephant
and the dog comes in orange-brown fur with a curved tail, long droopy ears and a dark brown button nose Jellycat Ribble Dog

Lastly we have a video montage of Jellycat's Big Cats including Jellycat Lions, Tigers, Leopards, Panthers and Cheetahs.
To see more of the Big Cats please visit: Jellycat Big Cats
The video is a collection of short clips interspersed by stills, we hope it gives you more of a feel for the designs, our current favourite is Jellycat Louie Lion Large
Louie is simply magnificent, coming with a silky mane, soft honey fur, a milk-white muzzle, a long tassel tail and the most cuddly, tactile body.

We are currently the cheapest online for all of these designs, and we also offer free UK Tracked delivery on all orders over £20!
Did you know, we also ship Internationally too!

If you like this style of post please let us know, and, if you would like to see any particular design in a video, either email: or use the links on the social platforms and we will try to accomodate you.

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Wednesday, 16 February 2022

Jellycat New Soft Toy Videos

We have been having some fun filming the new 2022 Jellycat soft toys.
It seemed like a more interesting way to show you the products, instead of the nice, but rather boring, stock photos.
They are all very short but they give you a better idea of quality and size.
The first video is of Jellycat Peanut Panda

Introducing our Jellycat Peanut Panda soft toy brand new from the Jellycat 2022 catalogue.
This super cute little Panda comes with charcoal-grey and vanilla-cream fur, covering a slightly podgy paunch, ideal for a quick cuddle!
Peanut has short limbs, and a really thoughtful expression, plus the typical Panda markings including the dark eye sockets and the black button nose.

These are our Jellycat Nuzzables, again, brand new for 2022.
They include Jellycat Nuzzables Cat, Mouse and Rabbit, the stock photographs really do not do these justice, the video provides a better view.
One of their their discerning features are the hooded eyes which give them a sleepy, yet cute, appearance.
All three designs come with soft, ruffled fur, four short paws, and delicate pink button noses.
Their tails and ears are pertanant to the individual design. Overall, they look like little balls of fluffy fur with cute features.

These are a collection of Jellycat Cruz Crested Newts
Jellycat have decided to put their particular stamp on this design and make them brilliant tangerine orange with a matching fluffy crest running from head to tail tip.
The eyes are raised and frog-like and there is an enormous smiley face.
If you want somthing to make an impression, this really is it!

This is a short video of the brand new Jellycat Rumpletum Unicorn
Based on the legendary, horse-like creature inhabiting folklore and fantasy and characterized by the distinctive spiral horn.
This one comes in a soft, almost baggy, cream fur and pink mane, with expressive eyebrows, you could almost imagine Rumpletum saying 'Is it supper time already?'

If you like this style of post please let us know, and, if you would like to see any particular design, either email: or use the links on the social platforms and we will try to accomodate you.

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Thursday, 18 November 2021

Jellycat Christmas 2021

Are you struggling to find the right Christmas present?

Perhaps your most recent Jellycat order has been delayed and you need a replacement idea for that all important gift?

Never fear, the Jellycat Christmas Collection is here!

We received our Christmas delivery earlier in the year, and hopefully made sure to order enough in to keep everyone satisfied!
Take a look below at everything you might desire this Christmas

Lets start off with some Christmas classics. These are fan favourites that return almost every year and bring a great seasonal vibe to your home.

The Amuesable Yule Log for £17.45.

This is a lovely soft toy that easily doubles up as a great decorative piece to spicen up your mantle this year. This truly is a beautiful item, and it's not hard to tell why they keep coming back!

The Amuseable Wreath comes with a ruffled dark green ring body adorned with three little red holly berry placements and a sumptuous red bow.
The lovely smiley face and little cordy roy legs make this an absolute must for any self respecting front door!

The Amuesable Wreath comes in sizes large and little, this could be a perfect office gift, or to hang on your own door at home!

Large - £38.95

Little - £28.95

Amuseable Mince Pie for £14.75

This wonderfully cute little pie is finished with a happy smiling face and brown cordy roy legs.
I know they say don't play with your food, but how could you not!

Did anything catch your eye above?

Well tempt you with the Jellycat Christmas 2021 Catalogue items then!

Don't forget to click on anything that you would like, to be taken directly to our more details page!

This gorgeous, super soft little reindeer comes in mid brown fur with a coffee cream tummy, dark chocolate brown antlers, matching button nose, alert upright ears and glossy brown eyes. The perfect Christmas cuddle buddy for any little person.

Remi Reindeer Medium - £28.65
Remi Reindeer Small - £18.65

Based on the Emperor Penguin, this gorgeous little penguin comes with tousled fur in charcoal and cream, a slightly stooped pose, glistening black eyes and a suedey mustard coloured beak and matching feet.
This is a great gift for any Penguin lover!

Wistful Penguin Medium - £23.95
Wistful Penguin Small - £13.95

This icy cool fellow comes with fluffy cream snow-like fur, brown cordy stick arms, a suedey carrot nose and a rich red bobble hat and scarf. With three stitched 'coal' buttons and a happy smiley face, it's certainly the real deal.

Large Teddy Snowman - £36.65
Medium Teddy Snowman - £21.65

Cocoa has a very traditional teddy bear look, the eyes are right and the fur is a gorgeous. Super soft wood brown with a very distinctive ripple. Absolutely beautiful!

Large Cocoa Bear - £37.45
Medium Cocoa Bear - £22.45

Still looking for that all elusive Jellycat gift? Okay - check these out!!

Can you imagine this Amuseable peeping out of a Christmas stocking? Coming in broad scarlet and cream candy twirls with the characteristic cordy brown legs and a friendly grin! The perfect novelty present for anyone with a sweet tooth

Candy Cane Large - £25.95
Candy Cane Little - £15.75

Coming with a soft white fur body and wings, delicate gold stitched wing veins and forewings, two little antennae and completed by a happy, smiley face. A beautiful small, intimate soft toy gift.

Glistening Winter Butterfly - £17.95

What makes Mitzi so distinguishing are the raised zig-zag fur patterns that cover the entire body, which stands on four sturdy legs. They've been so popular that we only have trhe large ones left! Grab whilst you still can!

Large Mitzi Reindeer - £40.65

This little Holly Leaf looks sharp, but is actually very soft, it comes with gorgeous green fur and a suedey stalk
Sporting a bobbly three berry bow-tie, embroidered with stitched details, and a happy smiley face, perfect for a cushion or back rest!

Woodland Holly Leaf - £20.95

Jellycat have brought out some amazing gifts this year, what has been your favourite item from the Jellycat 2021 Christmas Catalogue?

Let me leave you with a few new styles of my favourite arctic animal, the Polar Bear.

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