Thursday, 22 August 2019

Jellycat Sacha Snow Tiger

Jellycat have finally enlarged the Sacha Snow Tiger range.
There are now several sizes and additional designs including ear muffs, shoulder bag and play-mat.

Introducing 'Sacha Snow Tiger' by Jellycat, this is the Really Big Size.
Coming with a super soft, brown and cream stripey body, delicate cream mane and a wonderfully weighty feel, she actually hugs you when you go in for a cuddle, finished with a long squishy tail, silky whiskers and meaty paws, she is simply adorable!
Really Big: 74cm
Price: £139.95
There will shortly be a huge discount on this design for one week only, stay posted!

This is the Large Jellycat Sacha Snow Tiger.
Large: 46cm
Price: £49.95

This is the group picture of all three sizes of Jellycat Sacha Snow Tiger.
Medium: 29cm
Price: £22.45

In addition to these gorgeous new sizes Jellycat have brought out a complimentary set of Sacha Snow Tiger Ear Muffs.
Cold ears are the worst and we're not putting up with them!
These gorgeous ear muffs are super soft and fit children and adults, coming in brown and cream stripes, with Sacha Tiger faces.
Perfect weather for a Snow Tiger!
Size: 18 x 15 x 8cm
Price: £18.95

Together with the stylish matching Jellycat Sacha Snow Tiger Shoulder Bag. The bag is made with soft brown and cream striped fur, it has a 105cm long brown shoulder strap, press stud closure, one compartment design and is finished with the image of Sacha Snow Tiger on the flap.
Size: 17 x 18 x 8cm
Price: £20.95

And lastly the spacious Jellycat Sacha Snow Tiger Playmat.
This soft, non-slip mat brings a wild streak to any cosy playroom.
Scrumptiously soft, with a long snow tiger tail, wonderful tiger markings and stitch-detail muzzle, it's the perfect spot for naptime.
Size: 85cm
Price: £92.95

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Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Jellycat Jolie

Jellycat have come up with three wonderful new designs under the heading of Jellycat Jolie.
They are simply irresistible!
Introducing 'Jolie Bunny' by Jellycat.
Jolie Bunny sits in a double frilled, glittering buttercream dress!
Coming in a gorgeous beige cotton fabric with super long floppy ears, delicate pink nose, blushing cheeks and charming cute looks.
Size: 30cm (11.8ins)
Price: £23.65

Introducing 'Jolie Mouse' by Jellycat.
Jolie Mouse comes with a beautiful glittering pink dress complete with a double ruffled neck.
This gentle grey mouse has sweet blushing cheeks that go so well with that shimmery pink, star covered dress!
With typical mouse-like looks, the classic ears, long tail, delicate pink nose and super cute looks.
Size: 30cm (11.8ins)
Price: £23.65

This is Jellycat's Jolie Kitten.
Jolie Kitten is so, so sweet, with a gentle expression and pink blush cheeks.
This classic kitty comes with a neutral flannel cotton body, delicate pink nose, long tail, little upturned ears and is wearing a gauzy white dress with glittering silver sparkles, a beautiful first gift.
Size: 30cm (11.8ins)
Price: £23.65

As an addition we have received a super cute video from Talia showing the arrival of their Jellycat Jolie Mouse and her adorable daughter Eleanor, we asked for permission and they were really happy to share it with everyone, so here is the video and photograph:

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Monday, 19 August 2019

Jellycat Riverside Ramblers

If you ever thought that Jellycat should incorporate some traditional tales into their designs you are in luck.
Introducing Jellycat Riverside Ramblers based on the 'Tails of the Riverbank'.
This is 'Jellycat's Riverside Ramblers Mole'
Mole comes with typical grey coloured fur but is dressed in a handsome olive flannel waistcoat, sporting a very dapper, striped neckerchief, very chic! Adorably cute.
Size: 17cm (6.7ins)
Price: £15.95

Introducing 'Riverside Ramblers Badger' by Jellycat.
Badger comes in typical badger coloured fur but is dressed in a handsome grey flannel waistcoat, sporting a very dapper, checked neckerchief, marvellous!
Size: 23cm (9.1ins)
Price: £20.95

And lastly comes 'Jellycat's Riverside Ramblers Frog'.
Frog comes with typical green coloured fur but is dressed in a handsome flannel waistcoat, sporting a very dapper, striped neckerchief, charming!
Size: 33cm (13ins)
Price: £20.95

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Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Jellycat Llamas

There is now a full range of Jellycat Llamas. The Llama designs have been one of Jellycat's most popular collections over the last couple of years, so here is a look at the best of them.
Starting with the spectacular 'Jellycat Luis Llama'.
Coming with long, silky cream fur and soft chocolate hooves.
He sits on his beany bottom, with an almost quizzical smile, just adorable.
Luis is the perfect gift for any Llama fan no matter how old!
Size: 45cm (17.7ins)
Price: £22.95

Introducing 'Bonbon Llama' by Jellycat.
Coming with long, ruffled cream fur and soft beige hooves and sitting on a beany bottom, with an almost quizzical smile, just adorable, you are never too old to own a Llama, think of all the adventures that you can still have, life is for the living!
Size: 24cm (9.4ins)
Price: £12.50

Introducing 'Luscious Llama' by Jellycat.
Coming with long shaggy cream fur which hangs in cute crimped waves.
She stands tall with a tufty tail, little folding ears and a super cute expression, the perfect gift for any Llama fan!
Size: 32cm (13ins)
Price: £31.95

Introducing the Jellycat Lovely Llama, she comes covered in multi coloured crimped, pastel fur, squidgy hooves, neat folding ears, little smiley face and adorable cute looks.
Destined to become a real favourite amongst Llama fans everywhere.
Size: 32cm (13ins)
Price: £31.45

Introducing 'Bashful Llama' by Jellycat.
Coming with a super soft cream coloured fur body, a ruffled mane that covers the entire neck, tufty tail, cute upturned ears and the most amazing Llama look that is both cute and questioning at the same time.
Llama fans are going to be in heaven!
Available in two sizes.
Size: Medium: 31cm - Price: £16.95
Size: Small: 18cm - Price: £10.95

Introducing 'Rumples Lars Llama' by Jellycat.
Coming with tousled cream fur, he has a gentle expression, tufty upright ears, four sturdy, velvety legs and neat heart- shaped hooves.
If you like Llamas you are going to simply adore this gorgeous little Llama, coming in two sizes.
Size: Large: 29cm - Price: £36.95
Size: Small: 21cm - Price: £17.65

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Sunday, 11 August 2019

What is Jellycat?

I realised recently that there are still an awful lot of people that still don't know a single thing about Jellycat.
So I thought a brief introduction might be a good idea.

Jellycat was founded in London in 1999, originally designers and manufacturers of innovative, quirky soft toys but quickly moved into associated accessories with the Catseye ranges (now sadly discontinued) and Jellykitten baby designs, later re-titled 'Little Jellycat'. Catseye London morphed into 'By Jellycat' whereby popular designs such as Colin Chameleon, Sacha Snow Tiger, Bashful Beige Bunny, Odette Ostrich and the phenomenally popular Amuseables are given a whole range of accessories including things like books, soothers, puzzles, melamine plates, cups and bowls, shoulder bags, ear muffs etc. The name Jellycat was dreamt up by a child who loved jellies and cats. The silliness of the name was a great reflection of the design and so it stuck!
Incidentally this is Jellycat's all time best selling design, the world famous Jellycat Bashful Beige Bunny available in seven sizes.
Not long after establishing in the UK, Jellycat Inc was set up in Minneapolis in 2001. In the following years Jellycat spread throughout the UK, USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and even as far as Australia.
Since those early days they have continued to work hard to combine the coolest designs with the most luxurious of fabrics in the process creating thousands of wonderfully innovative soft toys. They are continuously experimenting with designs, trying to find the most lovable combinations which are launched in two collections each year. The Jellycat Summer 2019 catalogue has just been released. We are lucky to be a recommended Jellycat retailer and stockist and have been since 1999. We continue to fly the flag of what we consider to be the worlds best soft toys.

Saturday, 10 August 2019

Jellycat Vivacious Vegetables

Jellycat have released a truly wonderful set of vegetable designs simply titled 'Vivacious Vegetables'.

Introducing 'Vivacious Vegetable Pepper' by Jellycat.
A delicious looking little pepper!
Coming with a soft, pepper red fur body, delicately sectioned folds, a green stalk top and a cute smiley face, this should be in everyone's kitchen, to keep a permanent smile on your face, great fun!
Size: 12cm (4.7ins)
Price: £9.50

Introducing 'Vivacious Vegetable Aubergine' by Jellycat.
This is just fabulous!
Coming with a super soft, pale aubergine coloured fur body, a delicate green stalk and cute smiley face!
The perfect gift for chefs, cooks or just about anyone that likes being in a kitchen!
Size: 17cm (6.7ins)
Price: £9.50

Introducing 'Vivacious Vegetable Onion' by Jellycat.
Probably the happiest little onion you will ever see!
Coming with a soft, pale fawn coloured fur body, stitched lines, a tufty top, little cream roots and a cute smiley face, this would not look out of place on any chefs shelf, great fun!
Size: Size: 9cm (3.5ins)
Price: £9.50

Introducing 'Vivacious Vegetable Leek' by Jellycat.
Another fabulous vegetable!
Coming with a soft fur body made up of colourful sections, moving from white through to a dark green leafy top and with a cute smiley face this really is a happy little vegetable, more great fun!
Size: 24cm (9.4ins)
Price: £9.50

Introducing 'Vivacious Vegetable Carrot' by Jellycat.
Another fabulous vegetable!
Coming with a soft, carrot orange fur body, a pale green leafy top and cute smiley face!
The perfect present for just about anyone that likes food and cooking or, just has a sense of fun!
Size: 17cm (6.7ins)
Price: £9.50

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